Valance Inc.© has built its reputation by being the pioneer in the genetic engineering industry. We were the first to successfully develop genetic bonds between two intrinsically different organisms, creating new forms of life. Valance Inc.© also established the Genetic Alteration Legal Code, enacted to ensure that all genetic research and procedures are done within ethical and qualified guidelines. 


We at Valance Inc.© believe the foundation to our future is our scientists, and their research is the infrastructure and success by which we have built our company upon. We continuously strive to develop new technologies by investing in research and development projects and at its core our employees can be found. We believe in this because our mission dictates that strong foundations build a superior future.

corporate responsability

Valance Inc.© exists to enhance the betterment of human life and the well being of the Earth.  We began with a vision that would yield a bright future for all of civilization.  We have created a completely new innovative and sustainable mechanism taking biology to a revolutionary new height enriching our symbiotic relationship with nature redefining the term “green”. Our goal: The synthesis of man and environment.



To Valance Inc.©, sustainability means future growth by the most ecological stable means. We hold ourselves to that highest of standards, to set a precedence that ecological and social responsibility should not be shorthanded by economic growth.


The foundation of Valance Inc.©’s principals of sustainability accede with our mission as a company. Our objective is to build an entrepreneurial value while also maintaining environmentally safe standards. As one of the largest corporations in the world, at Valance Inc.© we have unparalleled resources that allows us grow a global scale without any negative impact on the natural environment in which we are committed to protecting and improving.


Valance Inc.© is committed on complete customer satisfaction and our state-of-the-art clinics and 24-hour on call service allows us to offer exceptional value to our clients. At Valance Inc.© we guarantee to always provide innovation and quality to our clients.



We know our clients value top-quality, timely information, that’s why Valance Inc.© has a dedicated staff that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist our clients with all inquires.


We do request, during busy calling times to please send all inquiries via email to: