The MineralFusion™ home systems are a blend with our FloraFusion™ series. This is due in part because the minerals need an organic source in which to thrive on. The advantage of the MineralFusion™ series is that it is a more versatile and resilient organism, as it is not as environmentally sensitive, in comparison to those found within FloraFusion™. MineralFusion™ is durable, making it ideal for those looking to incorporate this addition into an environment where children and animals are present. Aesthetically designed to artificially re-create some of natures more precious minerals on a dynamic scale, we are able to transform scale, color, and luminosity according to your desires and needs.  

For home application, the MineralFusion™ MatrixGrid™ is custom built and installed in the desired location to support your growth. Before home installation, you’ll meet with one of our certified design specialists who work directly with our clients on an individual basis. Our specialists take into consideration your specific needs and ensure your growth is every bit as unique as you envision it. It is recommended to grow your MineralFusion™ onto a FloraFusion™ matrix system. This will allow the minerals to form an organic bond in which they then can multiply. Minerals in nature require a significant amount of time and specific environmental conditions in order to flourish.

Although the growth rate of MineralFusion™ is significantly slower than FloraFusion™, our scientists at SUN© have designed MineralFusion™ to grow at an accelerated rate.This is made possible by the addition of our oral supplements. MineralFusion™ requires less maintenance and care than FloraFusion™, however in order to maintain steady growth patterns and to ensure there is no delineation in your mineral’s expansion, we do recommend keeping a regular maintenance* schedule.

*maintenance refers to the application of growth supplements designed by SUN© and can be purchased by ordering online or calling your Bio Fusion© representative.

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