Dr. Tibor tamas

Our founder, Doctor Tibor Tamas, affectionately known as Tibi, was not
only an accomplished businessman and biologist, but also a visionary whose principals and values continue to guide the company today. Tibi founded Valance Inc.© with a small group of scientists in 1947 with the belief that the planet, in its infinite diversity, held the key to the progression of the human race. 


Initially Valance Inc.© began as a research project. The founding fathers set forth on a mission to record, engineer, and design new DNAcodes from existing organisms. The sole purpose of their research was to splice specific codons, sequences of three DNA nucleotides, and apply these messages to the DNA of other living specimens. The goal: to edit out potential fatal coding errors. Their early success came with the Virion Trials, in which portions of single and double-stranded DNA from viruses were fused with minerals and human DNA, resulting in a new understanding of gene transfer and genetic replication. This innovative research lead to the development of
Bio Fusion.