Bio Fusion© and SUN© utilized the designs and specified the growths to give our clients the purest air in any locality. The growth is a complex flora matrix system created on our MatrixGrids™. This design aims to utilize unused space in homes and provide the homeowner with the utmost purist of air.


The FloraFusion™ model is more than just an ordinary household plant; it is an organism that requires specified care and attention. Depending on the specimen you choose, it will directly reflect the natural geological region in which it is placed.

When you first receive your FloraFusion™ growth, be sure to carefully follow the care instructions in regards to choosing the space in which it is to permanently grow. Please be certain you have the adequate amount of space, as this plant needs a large area to flourish. Once the location is chosen it is difficult to relocate.


how it works:

For home application, the FloraFusion™ MatrixGrid™ is custom built and installed in the desired location to support your growth. Before home installation, you’ll meet with one of our certified design specialists who work directly with our clients on an individual basis.


Our specialists take into consideration your specific needs and ensure your growth is every bit as unique as you envision it.  A custom formulation is made specific to your aesthetic and flora desires and implanted onto the MatrixGrid™. Since each growth is custom designed and lab-grown, the growth timetable is particular to the flora specimen in which it was derived. Once our technicians have installed your FloraFusion™, you’ll be responsible for maintaining it regularly* according to schedule. Maintaining is made easy.



All that is required is for you to add your unique supplements** to water and mist over your growth using a spray bottle.


*regularly depends on your specific growth design. You will be given a schedule in which your growth must be watered with its specialized supplements.

**all supplements are designed by SUN© and can be purchased by ordering online or calling your Bio Fusion© representative.


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