After the success of FloraFusion™ home installations, Bio Fusion© and Sun© began exploring methods for the development of a body application. Although FloraFusion™’s body applications are currently limited to a small variety of fungi and algae, we do anticipate new versions of applications that will be available in the spring of 2016. While the primary focus of FloraFusion™’s home applications is on that of air quality, the body applications focus on skin nourishment. It provides hydration for the host’s skin, which is necessary for diminishing the harmful effects sustained from UV radiation, microorganisms, and toxins. The more your skin is hydrated, the more resilient, flexible, and radiant it is!


The current varieties available for fusion are phototrophic, meaning they acquire solar energy to sustain themselves.Because of this, we encourage our clients to consider the nature of their lifestyles. This particular fusion does require the host to live in a warm climate that provides a large amount of sunlight. 


Much like the home application of FloraFusion™, the body installation of the flora matrix system is designed to combine a superficial symbiotic relationship between the growth and your body. With a patented cellular process created by SUN©, human and plant cells combine for uniform growth. The flora use water and light energy from the sun to produce organic compounds and disperse O2.


Simultaneously, CO2 is converted into sugar where the organic compounds are stored as energy. This energy can be regulated to interact with the body’s metabolism, ensuring a fit and well-maintained physique. Oral supplements must also be taken during this process to sustain growth of the plants and skin.  As with MineralFusion™ only certain areas of the body can be used during this stage of growth.  

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