At Valance Inc.©, our philosophy incorporates the design of both the natural environment and the human element, ensuring our fundamental role on this earth.  This methodology evokes a more appropriate treatment of the Earth and all of mankind alike.      


Megan Tamas has been Director of Research since 2015. She is the Chief Managing Officer of Bio Fusion©’s research and development. Megan joined the company in August of 2008 after the completion of her PhD in BioTech Engineering.


Megan was born on October 7, 1989, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. After studying animal science at Temple University, she went on to get her PhD in BioTech Engineering at the University of Geneva. Her advanced research in cell replication and chimera engineering built upon and expanded her grandfather’s work within the Virion Trials. After joining the Bio Fusion division, she continued her research in this capacity. The resulting data from her research became the foundation for our MineralFusion™ and FloraFusion™ series. In 2013 she developed Bio Fusion’s MatrixGrids™, which is the platform in which all Fusion™ series are grown.


Dr. Megan Tamas, Director of Research