Bio Couture

Bio Couture© takes fashion and biology to a revolutionary new height.  It is an incredible fusion of nature and mankind.  We have not only composed the next step in the essence of humankind, but a new age of man.  Homo sapien: The human body is an incredible regenerative machine made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus, all of these elements are necessary for the existence of life.


Our innovative and cutting edge technology encapsulates and redefines body modification while recreating life in a new form. Flora Fusion© and Crystal Fusion© are the newest concept in high fashion and provide a unique and exciting way to live green. Each process offers benefits that are not only functional but physiologically advantageous as well. With Crystal Fusion©, we combine the chemical structures of various precious stones and human DNA. The crystal structures are nutrient growths emitting from the skin, and their expansion is aided by the use of oral supplements. The crystals are also grown in part by feeding off the toxins and impurities in the body and effectively eliminating them in a safe and natural way. They also provide the skin with a natural barrier, blocking 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun. Manufactured by our pharmaceutical division, SUN©, the nutrients needed to sustain the crystal growth depend on the choice of stone and the subsequent color. The color options that are available are ones that are only found in the stone naturally.  Non-occurring color affects such as pearl and luminescence are only optional with quartz growths.  Only certain areas of the body can be used for this process due to mobility and variation of the skin. 

With Flora Fusion© we select distinct plant DNA for fusion with the skin. This process differs from that of Crystal Fusion© because it is engineered through mitosis. With a patented cellular process created by SUN©, human and plant cells combine for uniform growth. The flora use water and light energy from the sun to produce organic compounds and disperse O2. Simultaneously, CO2 is converted into sugar where the organic compounds are stored as energy. This energy can be regulated to interact with the body’s metabolism, ensuring a fit and well-maintained physique.
Oral supplements must also be taken during this process to sustain growth of the plants and skin.  As with Crystal Fusion©, only certain areas of the body can be used during this stage of growth. 

VII© carries exclusive living and bedroom series dedicated to Flora Fusion© and Crystal Fusion© so that you may always sleep and live in comfort with your new modification. Research for this development has been in effect for 10 years and has been proven to be 100% safe and effective. We use only the finest structural compositions of stone and DNA for our plants. Please consult our product guide for a list of specimens for both processes.